Yoga With Kids: 5 Poses For Yoga Practice With Kids

We have all been impacted by the current situation of social distancing. It touches almost all aspects of our society and affects our well-being. We can suppose that our children experience this too. Kindergartens are closed, students are at home, education moves to online learning platforms. It definitely impacts young people.

Yoga with kids

Yoga with kids can be a great new practice included in your daily routine. It brings benefits for both, you and your kids:

  • It improves coordination, flexibility, strength.
  • It helps anxious kids deal with the stress of everyday life.
  • It also supports children’s mental health – yoga will make your child more disciplined and focused on their activities.
  • Most importantly, practicing yoga together with your kids will deepen your connection and relation with them.

If you want less chaos in your family, learn to support each other and establish trust at the same time. Try these 5 yoga poses with kids.

Remember: 10 minutes is enough time for yoga with kids. They will not get bored and it benefits your relationships. 

Tree pose

Practicing Tree pose can help your child improve the sense of balance. It helps also control the mind and reduces attention problems. 

Stand up straight and rest your weight on one foot. 

Place the opposite foot below or above your knee.

Put your arms in a prayer pose in front of your chest. 

Then slowely raise your hands above your head and look up toward your hands.

Repeat the pose with the other leg.


This pose strengthens the legs and pelvic muscles. It improves your body balance, posture, and concentration.  Children will develop their self-confidence.

Step back with one foot leaving your other foot in place.

Place the opposite leg to 90 degrees trying to form a right angle.

Lift both arms and keep extended parallel to the ground. 

Turn your head and look over your hand.

Repeat this yoga pose with the other side.

Cat Cow Pose

If your children love animals, they should love this pose too. Cat Cow pose relieves stress and it is also a calming pose. It improves your posture and balance.

Start on your hands directly under your shoulders and knees under your hips.

While inhaling move your belly towards the ground. 

Lift your chin and look up toward the ceiling, allow your back to arch.

While exhaling, curve your head inward.

Round your spine upward.

Add moo and meow to make this pose more fun for you and your child.

Cobra Pose

Cobra pose makes your spine more flexible. It elevates mood, relieves stress and anxiety, improves digestion while stimulating the abdominal organs.

Lay face down on the mat.

Keep your feet together. 

While inhaling lift the head and chest off of the floor.

Leave the hips on the floor.

Your hands have to be in the same line with shoulders and next to your chest. 

Easy Pose

You can use this yoga pose to relax your kid’s body and calm their mind after yoga. It helps negate anxiety and stress. This cross-legged position is very basic. If you become too comfortable in this pose you can try the Half Lotus pose. 

Slowly fold your one leg and tug it under your opposite thigh.

Do the same with the opposite leg.

Keep your hands on the knees.

Calm your mind.

Sit in the pose for more than a few breaths.


Yoga is a way to achieve inner balance, promote a unique attitude to life, and deepen the spiritual way to live.
We at The Wild Essence want people to feel good, that’s why we inspire people to practice yoga.

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