Interesting Facts About Yoga All Beginners Should Know

As a beginner, it can take some time to incorporate the main aspects of yoga into your life. In the beginning, you may have some questions about yoga. In this post, I want to introduce the most interesting facts about yoga all beginners should know.

Interesting Facts About Yoga

The practice of yoga provides many benefits to the body. It helps to relax, controls your anxiety, negative feelings, and much more. Daily yoga practice will provide an energy increase and make your body healthy. Yoga isn’t about burning calories. It’s more about bringing movement to your body and creating mindfulness in your day.

If you are getting started with yoga and haven’t started yoga exploration yet, don’t worry. Read below the most interesting facts about yoga.

Interesting Yoga Facts

Unique Yoga Mission

In Sanskrit language Yoga means “union”. Yoga practice leads us to the union of body and soul – it connects physical, emotional, and intellectual parts. There is no other type of exercise, that affects body, soul, and mind.

Yoga builds personality

Yes, yoga is an exercise, but its meditative process is also a personality building study. According to Clinical Psychologist and a Certified Yoga Instructor John Cottrell, Ph.D. yoga:

  • influences people to become more open about one’s perspective on self, others, and the world around them.
  • develops conscientiousness, that is related to being organized, productive, and responsible. *

Many Different Postures

There is a wide variety of postures and each posture has many different variations on how it can be performed. This variety keeps you engaged and excited. In general, there are 84 classic yoga asanas. Asana means yoga pose or posture. It is only one and most popular limb of 8 limbs of yoga from the Yoga Sutras. All different postures lead to the same goal – reduce stress and relax body and mind.

Yoga Symbol “OM”

Om is a Mantra found in Tibetan and Hindu philosophy. It is the most sacred of all Mantras. Om is referred to be the primary sound of our universe and the third eye of our body. At the end of practice, OM is a symbol of the closure of your personal work you have done and of the gratitude for the teachings, and teacher.

One Of The Most Difficult Postures – Sleeping Pose

Interesting Facts About Yoga
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Many beginners believe there are many difficult postures in yoga. That’s true: almost all yoga poses need core strength and balance. Difficult yoga postures are powerful and have plenty of benefits. But you may be surprised that one of the most difficult postures is The Savasana or The Sleeping Pose.

It’s the ending pose of a yoga session. You need to lie down, close your eyes, relax your body, and drive away all thoughts out of your head and stay calmed and mentally concentrated which is usually difficult to do.

Yoga Prolongs Life

Deep breathing is a very important action in yoga. According to yoga, breath is the main life power that controls our life. Breathing exercises in yoga strengthen our lungs and improves body health.* It increases the volume of our lungs. Our body receives more oxygen, as a result, our heart strengthens.

Yoga and Sexual Life

To your surprise, yoga helps maintain a good sex life. According to one research, yoga improves desire, satisfaction, and orgasm. The research involved 40 women, who participated in a yoga program that was created of 22 yoga poses are believed to have a positive impact on sexual life. At the end of the program, nearly 75% of the women said they were more satisfied with their sexual life following this yoga training.* 


Yoga is a way to achieve inner balance, promote a unique attitude to life, and deepen the spiritual way to live.
We at The Wild Essence want people to feel good, that’s why we inspire people to practice yoga.

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