New At Yoga? 7 Essential Tips For Yoga Beginners

Starting Yoga? Congrats on taking a new journey that will bring you more balance, strength, and flexibility to your body and mind. Yes, at the very beginning when we start something new, we are all excited. Our bodies release happiness hormones. Herewith, it can be intimidating going to a yoga class for the first time. Below you will find 7 excellent tips for yoga beginners. We hope it will support you on your first steps to a new yoga journey.

Remember: yoga is for everybody 

The first steps to a yoga journey can be tough. When you attend a yoga class for the first time it can seem that you do so little compared to others. Others are so advanced – they can touch their toes, stand on their heads touching the sky with legs. Don’t forget that they achieved all this through continuous practice. All you need to do to achieve the same is to remain centered and calm and be open to learning. 

Listen to your body during the yoga practice 

There is nothing special you need to know or to do before going to yoga classes. Drink warm water before and after the classes. Wear comfortable and clean clothes. And most important – respect your body’s limits during the practices. Your body is always speaking. Listening to it prevents you from getting injured. Remember that yoga is not about competition or physical shapes. So if you feel pain while doing an asana, back out of it and enjoy what your body wants to do. Be compassionate towards yourself.

Be patient and persistent

After the exciting start when your body releases a maximum of happiness hormones comes a time when your body releases less and less of it. After your first classes, your body may want to stop you. A new challenge comes to light – being persistent. Your body always wants to rest and accumulate energy. This is genetic and comes from our ancestries. Just keep going. In the face of your body’s resistance, you learn to be persistent. 

Go deeper

Yoga is one of the oldest practices for personal development. Go deeper with yoga, search for the individual self and progress together physically and spiritually. Try different yoga classes – there are so many styles and classes you can try. Find philosophy, movements, that resonate with you. 

Join yoga communities 

Being a part of the community is important in yoga. To join a company of inspirational people will keep you moving forward. We all know that creating persistence in any kind of practice takes time and energy. Being in a group with the same goals is key to finding longevity in your yoga practice. Yoga communities are what make your yoga practice even more special.

Be Curious

Don’t be afraid of asking questions about what confuses you. Get clarity on what is inspiring, challenging or confusing to you. If there is a pose that seems to frustrate you then give yourself more time to study about it. Explore where this frustration is coming from and why. Curiosity leads to self-inquiry, expansion, and growth. It takes us deeper into ourselves. 

Celebrate your progress

It doesn’t matter if it is a small win – you meditated for five minutes, or is it a big win – you did a hand-stand for the first time. Celebrate your practice, your progress, your wins. How to celebrate? Chocolates and cakes are standard for celebrations, but we suggest you think about something different. Something that makes you feel better and close to your new lifestyle. Celebrating cultivates a more mindful life. It will keep you motivated on your yoga path. 


Yoga is a way to achieve inner balance, promote a unique attitude to life, and deepen the spiritual way to live.
We at The Wild Essence want people to feel good, that’s why we inspire people to practice yoga.

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