Make Your Yoga Creative: Tips For Witchy Yoga

Witchcraft rituals and yoga share many similarities. These are, for the first time, explored in combination by author Sarah Robinson in the book Yoga for Witches. Witchy yoga can be a new kind of journey, that connects two powerful spiritual disciplines.

Tips For Witchy Yoga

We have prepared a collection of witchy tips and tricks for yogis, who want to bring alignment, intention, and a little bit of magic to their mind and body.

Tips For Witchy Yoga

Before yoga practice

🔹Before you start your yoga practice, spray your yoga mat with diluted essential oils. Orange, lavender, frankincense, and mint are great choices.

One of the main reasons orange is an effective essential oil to use for yoga and meditation is because of its ability to provide an uplifting effect on the yogi. It boosts concentration, focus and reduces the body’s natural response to stressors.

Lavender provides calming and stress-relieving effects. Many yoga practitioners incorporate it into their practices.

Frankincense essential oil is well known for its ability to help promote peace and calm. It is one of the most spiritual oils that can prove beneficial in a meditation session. It promotes a better sense of center.

Mint essential oil is known to positively influence the entire respiratory system by decreasing inflammation.

🔹 Put your favorite crystals around your yoga mat, especially crystals that are good for relaxation or balance. Here are some crystals that we suggest using during your yoga practice: Amethyst, rose quartz, moonstone.

Amethyst is a stone of peace, stability, inner strength, and patience. This crystal helps purify the mind of negative thoughts.

Rose quartz opens the heart chakra. Use this calming stone for your yoga practice to raise self-esteem, and balance emotions. Rose quartz is an excellent choice for heart-opening practices.

Moonstone helps promote intuition and sensitivity. This good luck stone encourages harmony and balance. Add moonstone to your practice if you want to clear the mind and center your soul.

🔹Listen to soothing nature sounds to help you calm, focus, and ground. Some suggestions for you to try: ocean waves, forest, campfire, thunder.

Researchers have found why nature sounds has such a calming effect on people. Listening to nature:

  • improves relaxation and attention
  • helps for better sleep
  • increases feelings of positivity

🔹 Do some tea, or infused water before you start your yoga practice. This works great in combination with the yoga spells since you can match the intent and strengthen the spell.

You can also make whatever you drink or eat before yoga correspond with energy. We suggest to try cinnamon, ginger, strawberry, French lavender, apple, rosemary, and citrus fruits. They are great energy boosters.

During yoga practice

🔹 Make yoga spells by combining certain positions with intent. Some suggestions: sun salutations and tree pose for confidence and happiness, cobra and warrior for warding and banishment.

🔹 Do yoga with your plants! Plants make for great air purifiers. Place your plants near your yoga mat, as you stretch and breathe your plants will absorb the energy. Plants also help you ground and meditate.

Plant ideas:

Some ancient cultures actually hung Aloe branches over entranceways of their homes to keep out evil spirits and attract good fortune. Follow suit by doing the same. 

Leafy plants like the Fiddle Leaf Figs can help balance the look and feel of your space.

Orchids. They help to sharpen focus, relieve stress and increase positive vibes in your yoga space.

🔹 Light some incense or a candle. It can correspond with your yoga spell, cleanse the air, or just relax your wandering mind.

🔹 Do some divination. For example, a tarot reading in child’s pose, pendulum in lotus position.


Yoga is a way to achieve inner balance, promote a unique attitude to life, and deepen the spiritual way to live.
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