Best Music For a Yoga Practice: Listen Online

If you practice yoga at home, you have the possibility to include some great music sounds into your yoga practice. You can find some great playlists online or create your own one. Furthermore, music will enhance your yoga flow:

  • It boosts both mental and physical wellbeing. 
  • Sounds make it easier to clear your mind which in turn helps you fully relax, improves concentration and balance within your soul.
  • Also, music improves the flow of body movements.
  • It will help you achieve harmony with your body.

Therefore, in this article, we have prepared a great collection of the best music for your yoga practice. These playlists can be a great addition to your playlist.

Ravi Ramoneda

Ravi Ramoneda yoga music creator
Source: Facebook

Ravi Ramoneda sings mantras and sacred chants. He is very closely related to the yoga community. His songs are orientated to spiritual growth and healing. He seeks to open people’s hearts with his music. 

Vladimir Muranov

Vladimir Muranov spiritual music
Source: Facebook

Vladimir Muranov is Russian performer of Ancient Sanskrit mantras. He believes that his duty is to carry and deliver this knowledge through music. He learned under the well-known spiritual teacher in India – Sathya Sai Baba.

Bachan Kaur

healing music
Source: Facebook

Bachan Kaur is a Canadian artist who seeks to impart people the healing, entirety, and joy through her creative passion for music. She has a unique and charming voice that expresses the love for the world.

Sandro Shankara

indian music
Source: Facebook

Sandro Shankara is a Brazilian musician. He has a Bachelor degree in Music Therapy and also studies Indian classical music in India. His music can bring you ease of mind during savasanas.

Jai Jagdeesh

mystery music
Source: Facebook

Jai Jagdeesh is a singer, actress, classical Indian dancer, photographer, and writer. She is surrounded by yoga from her early life. Discover her amazing music full of mystery, magic, and inspiration!

Astral Flowers

Music For a Yoga Practice
Source: Facebook

Astral Flowers is a multi-instrumental musical project from Norway. Their music comes from the heart and involves sacred chants, ancient melodies, hymns. Listen and enjoy!

Txai Fernando

Meditational music
Source: Facebook

Txai Fernando is a Brazilian multi instrumentalist and producer currently living in Norway and working with some other projects. One of them is the previously mentioned Astral Flowers. His music is especially good for meditation.

Pandit Ramesh Narayan

Yoga atmosphere
Source: Facebook

Pandit Ramesh Narayan is a vocalist from south India. His harmonious voice and classical music elements project music as a spiritual expression. His unique indian sounds are perfect for creating the right atmosphere during yoga classes.

Manish Vyas

Source: Facebook

Manish Vyas is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, singer and producer born in India. He spent his childhood surrounded by the atmosphere of meditation and music. That’s why playing Indian music and singing mantras became part of his life.

Finally, in case you want to have all these playlists in one place, we have prepared you a playlist for your yoga practice you can listen online. This list will help you create a good yoga atmosphere.

Enjoy the music while doing yoga!


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