How To Start Practicing Yoga At Home

There are times when people are facing new global problems related to viruses. As the economic disruption caused by the new virus spreads around the world and affects many countries and their people’s usual life including the physical activity sector it’s time to rethink our lifestyles to survive these times as much easier as possible. 

How To Start Practicing Yoga At Home

To avoid passivity or panic, it is important to cultivate a healthy environment at home as well as deal with negative thoughts. Find out 5 ways how to manage negative thoughts.

In case your fitness gym, workout classes, or yoga studio are closed for a while due to economic challenges, move these activities to home! Physical activities at home will keep you healthier, improve your well-being, help you stay calm and cool when you are stressed

Yoga is a great activity to practice you can do it anywhere and anytime. It not only helps you to increase your body flexibility, but it also helps you to stay relaxed in your daily life. Read more about how you can expect your body to change after starting doing yoga.

There you will find 5 best tips on how to start practicing Yoga at home.


Yoga is a way to achieve inner balance, promote a unique attitude to life, and deepen the spiritual way to live.
We at The Wild Essence want people to feel good, that’s why we inspire people to practice yoga.

It will help you:

• get more creative and widen your possibilites

• see your own practice in a new light

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Schedule a Time

Make your yoga practices regular by creating a schedule.

Form a habit – schedule yoga practice for each day for at least 28 days. Your brain will create more efficient neural connections and the practice will become a habit. 

How To Start Practicing Yoga At Home

Prepare for Yoga Practice

A pleasant preparation for a yoga session is one of the main factors which ensures that your yoga practice will be successful! Create your yoga atmosphere: 

  • Turn off the TV and your phone 
  • Find a quiet and clean place for the yoga practice 
  • Fill this place with things that you need to practice yoga – a mat, blocks, straps, and a blanket.
  • Light a candle – it’s warm light will help you relax your body and minds
  • Turn on music that calms you down

Wear comfortable clothes 

Your clothes should not restrict your movements. Choose a breathable and flexible top and leggings or pants. Wear a sports bra that supports you throughout yoga asanas. The most important thing is to wear clothes that make you feel good!

Sit Down and Take Some Deep Breaths

Before starting your yoga practice at home take a few deep breaths. Inhale slowly and fill up the abdominal area, the chest, shoulder, and neck areas. Start exhaling by releasing from the stomach first then the chest followed by the shoulders and finally the neck. Such breathing regulates your concentration, emotions, and mind.

Have Your Own Yoga Flow

While start practicing yoga at home you have a great chance to create your favorite yoga flow. You know your physical and mental needs best, so you can choose what is necessary for you. To avoid injures don’t forget to listen to what your body is telling you. Don’t force yourself into a yoga pose if it is too painful. Find more safety tips here

How To Start Practicing Yoga At Home


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