Best Free Yoga Classes Online: Practice Yoga At Home

At this time when it’s recommended to keep social distance, and gyms and yoga studios are closed it doesn’t mean that you cannot stay fit, healthy, and flexible anymore. You can practice yoga at home using various free resources online. But scrolling through thousands of online videos can be a bit frustrating. That’s why we have prepared ten free yoga classes online worth trying.

All you need is just a yoga mat, comfortable clothes, and a computer or a smartphone with a connection to the internet. 

Best Free Yoga Classes Online

1. Do You Yoga

If you are just thinking about starting with your yoga routine at home, you are at the right place – yoga teacher Kristin McGee will help you start your yoga journey with her online yoga classes for beginners

You will learn the basics and you don’t need any previous yoga experience.

Practices are quite short and take from 10min to 30min

2. Do Yoga with Me

Take a month-long yoga challenge! Being stuck at home is a great time to take new challenges.  

Do Yoga With Me offers a free 30-day yoga program. The program consists of  3 classes and 1 meditation each week. The difficulty ranges from gentle intermediate to challenging intermediate. 

The duration of the classes is from 35min to 1h

Free yoga classes online
(Source: Do Yoga with Me website)

3. Power Yoga 

Bryan Kest, founder of Power Yoga is a true professional – he started practicing yoga in the early years. He offers a dynamic experience with his free yoga classes online. There you will find different levels of classes: for beginners, intermediate, advanced. Movements combine all elements of yoga – physical exercise, moderation, meditation. 

Practicing yoga with Power Yoga takes from 15min to 1,5h

4. CorePower Yoga 

CorePower Yoga offers classes, instructors, and a network of over 200 yoga studios. While their studios are closed, they offer free access to yoga online classes collection through CorePower Yoga On Demand.

Practices take from 53min to 1h

free yoga classes
(Source: Facebook @CorePowerYoga)

5. Yoga 4 You

This website provides free online yoga classes depending on your level. Four different yoga classes are divided by different levels and intensity. You will find Gentler, Stronger, Shorter, Yin online classes. They all take 30min, but you can match some classes and get one longer class. 

Free yoga classes
(Source: Yoga 4 You website )

6. Yogamour

Yogamour is a registered nonprofit organization that provides classes, workshops, and trainings. Free classes have been generously donated by Yogamour teachers. The recorded videos reflect everything from different styles of yoga, breathwork and meditation, Qigong, and yoga for kids. Find their classes here. 

Practicing yoga with Yogamour teachers takes from 10min to 1h

7. Adam Hocke Yoga

Adam Hocke is a yoga teacher, writer, and coach who empowers people in self-care. His classes include vinyasa flow and restorative yoga. He offers free video practices and Yoga audio classes online. Practices range from short and focused on specific regions of the body to full-length classes.

If you love practicing yoga with closed eyes, this podcast is for you. 

Practices last about 1hour

man doing yoga
(Source: Adam Hocke Yoga website )

8. Five Parks Yoga

Five Parks Yoga is a community that focuses on detailed instruction and personalized attention to a yoga practice. Many of the free classes on this channel are an hour or more and include more advanced poses and deeper stretches. These guided sessions help you improve your balance or focus on more vigorous flows.

9. Fightmaster Yoga

Yoga teacher Lesley Fightmaster offers different styles of yoga including Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and more on her channel. She also has released a 30-day Hatha Yoga challenge.

The challenge will get you an opportunity to have a daily practice and discipline, strengthen your body and decrease your stress level.

Practices with Fightmaster Yoga takes from 45min to 1h

10. Brett Larkin Yoga

This Youtube Yoga channel is run by yoga teacher Brett Larkin. She has created an online yoga and meditation community that empowers people to create their best wellbeing through practices. She will teach you yoga practices that will improve your flexibility quite quickly. 

yoga online
(Source: Facebook @LarkinYoga )


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