Yoga Practice Guidelines For Beginners

Here are the most important answers to the commonly asked questions about yoga. They are just guidelines, not rules. After reading them you will be ready to start your journey to the yoga world.

yoga guidelines for beginners

Is it better to start practicing yoga at home or in a class?

A good yoga class will give you valuable feedback, teach you techniques, and poses. You will meet people who will inspire you on the path to the yoga world. On the other hand, starting a home yoga practice can save time, energy, and money.

Do you think about starting yoga at home? Follow along with an online yoga program that has trained instructors that walk you through the moves and breath step-by-step. Try Yoga With Adriene, her videos are easy-to-follow and really enjoyable.

What is the best environment for yoga practice?

If you need to concentrate your mind and get maximum benefits out of yoga, practice it in a clean, quiet, peaceful space, with as much space around you as possible.

If you have an extra room or an empty spot that you can devote to your yoga practice, great! Having your yoga mat unrolled all the time is certainly inviting. If you like, it can be a helpful prop to create some atmosphere with a candle or an inspiring wall decoration.


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What is the best time for yoga practice?

Early mornings and late afternoons before lunch have been recommended for practicing yoga postures. Some light stretches an hour before bedtime can be really relaxing. You may have a time in your daily tasks that naturally works well for you.

To complete a short sequence of stretches you will need about 15 minutes. 30 minutes of yoga practice will provide time for more stretching. Full body stretch which provides faster progress requires from 45 minutes to an hour.

How often should I practice yoga?

Regular yoga practice is the most effective. Try to practice at least 3 times a week. Of course, daily practice is ideal. It is saying that it is better to be regular with a 15-minute yoga practice than irregular with a longer practice.

Is there any special equipment needed?

Yoga requires not so much in the way of extra equipment. You will need a yoga mat. Look for a mat made from a no-slip grip material so you will not slide around as you sweat.

Some other extra equipments for yoga practice are available: yoga blocks are used to bring the floor closer to you, yoga blankets can be used for extra support for the knees, straps are best used to make the arms longer. But in most cases, the only prop you need in yoga practice is your body.

What about special clothes?

Wear comfortable clothes such as tee shirts, sweatpants, tights or shorts. Natural fabrics will allow your skin to breathe. Take off your shoes and socks. While doing standing poses, it will help you focus on the feet and feel the connection to the ground.

Should I change my eating habits?

Yoga postures affect the internal organs, so yoga is always best practiced on a light or empty stomach. Ensure to keep a 2 hours gap in between your meals and your practice. 

What about injuries?

The most common yoga injuries that can be experienced through yoga are hamstring attachment strain, wrist pain, neck tightness, rotator cuff injuries, and lower back pain.*

The best injury prevention is to become aware of your body. To avoid injuries, you should:

  • Listen to your body.
  • Do not exceed your capacity while practicing yoga.
  • Do not push yourself too hard in yoga.

Can I practice yoga during menstruation?

Yes, yoga is a practice that can be done during menstruation. Sometimes it is even recommended due to its adaptogenic effect on a woman’s body. Learn more about yoga pros during menstruation. There are some poses that should be avoided. These are inverted poses such as downward-facing dog, handstand, bridge poses.

When will I begin to see progress?

From the very first yoga session, you may feel better. But progress is often one of the most difficult things to evaluate in yourself. If you are thinking about a yoga practice that brings better flexibility, more physical strength, and a more peaceful mental atmosphere, you should practice a minimum of 3 times per week. In fact, the less flexible you are the faster you’ll see results.

Remember: you will see results much sooner if you practice for an hour every day than just an hour once a week.


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