Tribe Yoga Mat


The design of this yoga mat is inspired by the relationship between the tribes and the world. On the mat, you can see the symbols of the celestial bodies, home, nature, and people in order. They remind us that all living beings are interconnected with each other.

The mat symbolizes the unity of all living beings, the connection between our consciousness and the subconscious, our body and mind.

This is a 2 in 1 mat: a yoga mat and a towel in one. Ecological natural rubber base and sweat-absorbing microfiber suede surface.

This yoga mat gives authenticity to your yoga practices. Made from organic suede, this amazing yoga mat is pleasant to touch.

While this mat is perfect for any yoga practice or workout, it is also ideal for hot yoga – Bikram, Ashtanga, strength training, and other dynamic practices.

Materials: Natural rubber with the highest quality vegan microfiber suede surface. The rubber is soft and durable. Without plastic.

The yoga mat is biodegradable and eco-friendly. Free of chemicals, heavy metals, and PVC.

Usage: In order for the hands to adhere better to the surface of the mat, it is recommended to warm up for 1-2 minutes before starting the yoga practice in order to warm the hands. Adhesion can also be increased by spraying the mat with water.

Care: The mat does not require much maintenance – just wipe the surface of the yoga mat with a damp cloth and leave it to dry completely. Do not rub in direct sunlight. A new mat can have a pretty strong smell. Keep it unwrapped, the smell usually disappears after about a month, or wipe the bottom of the mat with a spray of water and apple cider vinegar and hang it to dry, preferably outdoors.

Main features:

  • The design is printed with water-based inks
  • Absorbent suede surface
  • Thick enough to provide joint comfort
  • The edges do not wavy
  • High density rubber bottom layer
  • Organic, without PVC

Size: 172 x 61 mm

Thickness: 5 mm

Weight: 2.8 kg


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