Travel Yoga Mat Full Moon, 1mm


Our best quality thin travel yoga mats are designed for those who exercise outside the home, e.g. in the fitness studio, gym, outdoors, or while traveling.

If you need an extremely light and comfortable yoga mat that you can take with you anywhere, this thin travel yoga mat is just for you!

It can be used as a studio mat topper for increased hygiene and comfort.


* Exclusive design

* Only 1mm thick, easy to carry

* This is a yoga mat and a towel: two in one.

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If you need a light and thin yoga mat, that you can take with you anywhere, this yoga mat is just for you! Our travel yoga mats are extremely thin and easy to fold so you can take them with you wherever you go.


* This is a yoga mat and towel TWO IN ONE. An absorbent microfiber top layer and a rubber bottom.
* Extremely thin, can easily be folded.
* Natural beauty: made from natural products, non-toxic, biodegradable, ecological – water-based ink print, no chemicals, no PVC, and no toxic glue.
* Non-slip surface: The more you sweat, the better you stick to the surface of the mat. If you are not warm enough, just lightly moisten your hands and feet before practicing.
* Multifunctional: you can use it for yoga, meditation, pilates, and other body workouts.
* A fir tree pattern on the rubber bottom of the mat will ensure that the mat stays in place throughout your workout.
* Top quality, durable.

Composition: Natural rubber bottom with the highest quality vegan microfiber surface.

Care: Wipe your yoga mat with a damp cloth after each practice. Then drain. This will keep your rug clean and fragrant. Make sure the rug is dry before wrapping it.

Usage: During the first practice, the mat may feel a bit slippery, which is normal. After just a few uses, the microfiber becomes rougher and the grip increases. In order for the hands to adhere better to the surface of the mat from the very beginning of the practice, we recommend doing a warm-up for 1-2 minutes before starting the yoga practice in order to warm the hands. Adhesion can also be increased by spraying the mat with water.


Weight: The travel mat weighs 1.3 kg

Size: 173 x 61 cm

Thickness: 1 mm

Gift: Free carrying strap included 🎁


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