Best Podcasts On Meditation And Mindfulness 2021

If you want to boost your mindfulness or improve your mental health through meditation, podcasts are a good choice. Podcasts have become a very popular tool for self-care. It happened because podcasts are convenient to use and there are so many topics you can choose from. In order not to get lost among thousands of podcasts on the internet, we have chosen the best meditation and mindfulness podcasts that are relaxing to listen to and filled with powerful messages to their listeners. Let’s increase our calmness, focus, and happiness through mindfulness and meditation! 

mindfulness and meditation podcasts

Esther M Palmer

Esthera is a yoga, movement, and meditation teacher. She also teaches anatomy for yoga teachers and people to bring more out of their meditation practices. 

Each week she shares a new meditation technique. New episodes usually include detailed instruction in the technique and explanation on how and why we meditate and why meditation could be useful to us. As she says, she is still exploring these answers, and sharing this journey in her podcast.

Podcast focus: new meditation techniques.

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You can find this podcast on her website: 

Meditation Minis Podcast

Guided by Chel Hamilton

The podcast is guided by hypnotherapist Chel Hamilton. Her short guided meditations can be used to calm your anxiety, manage stress and sleep better. This podcast is especially for those who want to meditate but think that they do not have enough time for that, because most of these meditations are only 10 minutes or less.

Let’s get rid of stress with this meditation podcast! 

Podcast focus: meditations for calming, stress relief. 

You can find it here: 

Tara Brach

Tara Brach is a well-known meditation and emotional healing teacher, psychologist, and author of the bestselling Radical Acceptance and True Refuge. Tara guides weekly meditation practices which are never extended by silence. Another part of her episodes consists of talks about our habits, mind and spiritual awakening. Her podcasts are truly teaching us to bring ourselves to balanced and better lives. The length of episodes are about forty minutes. 

Podcast focus: meditations and spiritual awakening talks.

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For more information visit:

Mindfulness Meditation Podcast

This podcast is unique due to its focus. Every Wednesday a prominent meditation instructor comes to The Rubin Museum in New York, which is dedicated to preservation of the art and cultures of the Himalayas, the Indian subcontinent, East Asia and more. 

Each meditation session focuses on a specific work of art. The session usually begins with a lesson on one or two of the art objects in the museum that acts as the focus of the meditation, a 20-minute sitting session, and a closing discussion. 

Podcast focus: meditations through art. 

The meditations you can listen totally free on the museum website:

OneMind Meditation Podcast

Guided by morgan Dix

OneMind Meditation podcast is guided by Morgan Dix who is the author of several books and professional in yoga and meditation, and the author. He educates the listener why meditation and mindfulness is important these days and how to incorporate meditation into your life. He conducts interviews with other meditation teachers. This podcast is updated twice a month. 

Podcast focus: meditation and mindfulness importance.

Listen his podcasts here: 

Pathway to Happiness

Guided by Gary van Warmerdam 

This podcast is great for people who are seeking to get rid of negativity in their lives. Pathway to Happiness is guided by Gary van Warmerdam who is the creator of an interactive website with lessons for changing beliefs that drive negative emotions. In the past, due to his own unhappiness in his personal life, Gary became motivated to learn about his emotions. Since 2001 he has been lecturing and coaching individual clients so they can live happier lives. His podcast Pathway to Happiness offers us practical exercises that will change our emotions and behaviors and allow us to live in a state of happiness. New episodes are usually released once or twice a month.

Podcast focus: positive emotions, happiness.

You can find more of his work at his website


Untangle podcast is based on interviews where people share real stories and experiences from their lives and how mindfulness and meditative practices have changed their perspective. These interviews are about specific topics and short, guided meditations that you can use in your own daily practice.

Podcast focus: short meditations and real experiences. 

The podcast updates every Tuesday and interviews last 30 minutes.

The Mindful Kind

Hosted by Rachael Kable

Rachael Kable is a published author, coach and host of The Mindful Kind podcast. She has a Bachelor in Psychological Science. She enjoys sharing exciting insights about mindfulness and provides us with effective practices to integrate into our daily lives. According to the author, becoming mindful means improving general wellbeing, starting from managing stress to improving sleep quality. 

Podcast focus: mindfulness practices, stress management.

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Find this podcast on her website:

Mind Love

Hosted by Melissa Monte

Melissa Monte started her career in digital media but changed her career when she realized that she loves helping other people. Now she is a speaker and mindset mentor who hosts a popular podcast called Mind Love. The podcast is dedicated to inspiring interviews of people who experienced positive transformations in their lives. Weekly interviews provide various mindfulness techniques to boost our minds and souls. Melissa Monte discusses topics such as self-care, positive mindset, stress relief.

Podcast focus: inspiring interviews of positive transformations, mindfulness techniques.

For her mindful podcast head to

The Overwhelmed Brain

Hosted by Paul Colaianni

Paul Colaianni – behavior and relationship coach who hosts the mindfulness podcast The Overwhelmed Brain. The podcast is here to increase your happiness and reduce stress. It suggests getting to the root of emotional problems and strengthening emotional intelligence to avoid emotional pain. He empowers us to honor ourselves so that we can make decisions that are right for us. 

Podcast focus: emotions, anxiety, release of emotional issues. 

If affirmations about positive thinking don’t work for you then start listening to this podcast –

I hope you will find a podcast that will help you to immerse yourself in the best thing you can do for your soul. So, listen, choose your favorite and get started with one. 


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