Moon Phases Yoga Mat


Peace and inner strength.

This yoga mat with the moon phases is a symbol of a person who lives in a harmony with himself and the world. The moon is constantly changing. In this way, the Moon reminds us that all things on Earth have a natural cycle and after every downturn, there is always an upturn. That’s why this design is one of our favorites.

We are big fans of our beautiful Mother Earth, and we believe you are too. Practice on our non-toxic, sustainable Moon Phases Yoga Mat knowing that it is made with the highest quality natural rubber and is 100% recyclable.



Materials: Sheared recycled microfiber top that increases grip as you sweat. Reverses to an anti-slip natural rubber padding.

Print Technique: Dye Sublimation with water-based, non-toxic inks, free of heavy metals, AZO, and lead.

Care: The mat does not require much maintenance – just wipe the surface of the yoga mat with a damp cloth and leave it to dry completely. Do not dry in direct sunlight. A new mat can have a pretty strong smell. To make the smell disappear faster, keep it unwrapped, the smell usually disappears after a month.

Usage: In order for a better grip, we recommend doing a warm-up for 1-2 minutes before starting the yoga practice in order to warm the palms. The grip can also be increased by spraying the mat with water.

Size: 171 cm x 61 cm

Thickness: 5 mm

Weight: 2.8 kg


GIFT: Free black carrying strap included! 🎁



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