It’s Not Just a Diet! 5 Best Diets With Ideologies

Almost every consumer today has some kind of eating habits. Eating habits are the food we choose, timing, frequency of eating, eating rituals.
It’s no doubt, that to eat healthier we may need to change some of these daily habits. Step by step the new eating habits become a part of our daily routine.

Best Diets

The latest diet trends are not all about dieting. Choosing a diet is to set of beliefs that strongly influence the way people behave, eat, what they talk about.
Dieting ideology becomes the personalized daily routine – balance and wellness that people currently practice.
Wellness and energy promote us to continue to live a happier, healthier, longer life, and be happy.

Let’s see what types of eating ideologies are having a moment.

5 Best Diets With Ideologies


Vegetarianism is both one of the most popular diets and significant eating ideologies in the world. The ’80s were a time of vegetarianism growth when it was more related to subcultures.

There are many types of vegetarianism, such as pure Vegans, red meat-free Pescatarians, red and white meat-free Lacto Vegetarians, and several other types.

Generally, vegetarians abstain from consuming animal by-products processed and used in food. That’s the most basic definition of vegetarianism. But in practice, vegetarians have more specific rules. There are a few reasons that people become vegetarians:

  • desire to improve their health,
  • altruistic reasons,
  • religious convictions.

Talking about health, there are many advantages:

  • a vegetarian diet can help lower blood pressure, cholesterol, risk of diabetes,
  • helps to lose weight and of course,
  • improves view-point towards nature and animals.*
Best Diets

Dairy-free Diet

Some people need to avoid dairy products because they have an intolerance or allergy to proteins in cows’ milk.

For others, it’s a component of other diets such as Vegetarianism and Paleo. Studies point out that a protein found in dairy products called casein releases opiates called casomorphins. It means that dairy can become addictive!

Talking about dairy-free diet as ideology animal welfare standards at many dairies are appalling. Why is it normal to drink cow’s milk but not cats milk? Cows are milked when they’re pregnant when their hormone levels increase.
Some reasons why it’s worth switching to a dairy-free diet:

  • treats acne,
  • helps lose weight,
  • reduces Candida overgrowth.

Gluten-free Diet

It is about avoiding proteins found in wheat, barley, rye, and spelt. To some people, it can be a bit confusing because it isn’t a diet in the way that most people understand it.

It’s more a way of eating that helps people to avoid negative effects caused by Celiac disease.
When it comes to the ideological topic there are some concerns regarding the narcotic-like effect of gluten on the brain.

  • relieves Digestive symptoms,
  • boosts energy,
  • helps lose weight.

Fructose-free Diet

Fructose is a simple sugar found in fruit, vegetables, and honey. Fructose is used to sweeten foods like candies, soft drinks, ice cream. Fruits and fruit juices have high levels of fructose!
Fructose-free may be a new diet ideology for some people as fructose is linked to hormone disruption, gas, bloating, abdominal cramping.

  • decrease blood level,
  • weight loss,
  • improved health, and dental health.


Paleo diet is not only dairy-free and gluten-free diet, but it also excludes legumes, hydrogenated oils, refined sugars.

This diet is related to beliefs that our bodies’ mismatch to the modern diets and should return to how hunter-gatherers ate.

Farming changed our eating habits and established dairy, legumes, and grains. According to Paleo, our bodies are unable to adapt to such food that’s why we suffer from heart diseases, diabetes, and obesity.

Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fish, and lean meals are paleo-friendly food. Comparing to Paleo brother Keto, Paleo focuses more on ideology while Keto focuses on weight loss and health issues caused by carbs. Unlike Paleo, Keto allows dairy but excludes some kinds of fruits.

Paleo includes intense periods of exercises as well as yoga and meditation as a way to mindfulness. Such a lifestyle supports our bodies and minds and leads to better wellness.

  • Better appetite control,
  • lower triglycerides,
  • weight loss,
  • better blood pressure control.
Best diets
5 Best Diets

All diets can be healthy choices, depending on how they are incorporated in our lives and what they are used for. Having a better understanding of what we put in our bodies helps us create a better relationship with our health and wellness.


The diet that works longer than a week or the month is the best choice.

Best Diets


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